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May 2007, raising money for Team In Training, Adenrele did an Olympic distance Triathlon, for which she learned how to swim.  (That's a .93 mile swim, 24.8 mile bike ride & a 6.2 mile run.)  It took her 2 hours to finish the swim and was the last person to come out of the water.


Adenrele grew up with cats and has been the pet owner of not one, but two handicapped cats at different times (Snowy, missing his right eye & Stuff, missing a front paw.)


Her last name, OJO (oh joh) means 'difficult delivery' and she was!


Adenrele was a Thanksgiving Day baby.


If she could do one thing besides act, it would be to go on tour and dance with Janet Jackson.

At 11 years old, Adenrele attended an awards luncheon with her parents and was seated between the Governor's wife and Mr. Rogers from the TV show "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood".


She collects African-American Barbie Dolls, most of which she bids for on Ebay.


Adenrele briefly studied Karate with one of the producers of the early 90's TV show 'Uptown Comedy Club'.  She only earned up to her Yellow belt before she decided to quit!


Her favorite childhood game was Monopoly.


Though 'Adenrele' is her first name, she has been affectionately called many others, including... Addie, Den, Denny, Buttons, Be-Bop & LeOjo to name a few... (but get to know her first before you decide to do that!)


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