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2010 Los Angeles Stage Alliance Ovation Award


Best Ensemble

42nd Annual Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award


Best Ensemble


— Laura Hitchcock

“The cast is splendid... and Adenrele Ojo, who ranges from Emmett's grandma to his teasing teen-age boy cousin without missing a beat.”

Joe Turner's Come and Gone



Beverly Hills / Hollywood NAACP

17th Annual Theatre Award


Best Ensemble Cast - Local

2006 Los Angeles Stage Alliance Ovation Award


Featured Actress

Joe Turner Press Photos

Ah-Ha! moments

“Adenrele Ojo as the daughter Morgan is at once trapped by the family legacy and fighting it in the same moment. What works so well is the ensemble and the work the three actors did to prepare - it is clearly evident they explored not just blocking and script, but the idiosyncrasies of character development that it takes to flesh out a play. The women make us forget we are watching a play and instead we are watching their world unfold.”

— Kevin Kindlin, Maetro Arts & Reviews

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